Quick Ways To NATURALLY Tame Breakouts

I've been suffering with acne since I was 8 years old. I've tried everything under the sun from medications, to spa treatments and at home remedies - I've done it all. One of the things that I have learned during my life time of treating acne, is that it can sometimes be rectified without the use of medications or harsh topical treatments. Often times those methods will leave your skin dry or have other side effects. Case in point: I remember being in high school where my dermatologist was prescribing acne medicine to me. When I asked her what the side effects were (because she did not explain them to me), her response was "liver failure" - to which I responded by telling her to have a nice day before I got out of there. I mean, I'd rather have bad skin than liver failure. Am I the only one? I can't be!

There are a series of posts coming up where we'll continue to go more in depth with acne. From recipes that you can make in your kitchen to  how food affects our skin, we're going to discuss how to improve our skin from the inside out. For now, here are a few quick ways to reduce (not cure) your acne. Keep in mind that you may have to combine a few of these things to see a difference in your skin. Sometimes, it's a matter of changing  a few habits that can be the difference between great skin and a few breakouts.

DRINK RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF WATER || Water is always a key factor in having great skin, whether it's acne prone, oily or dry. Water flushes toxins out of your skin and assists in keeping it plump with a healthy glow. However, it's important to note that drinking water alone will not cure your acne, but it will play a huge part in the overall health of your skin.

DISECT WHAT YOU'RE EATING || When I was a kid, I ate copious amounts of chocolate and adults would tell me that contributed to my acne. According to the Mayo Clinic , that's not true! Chocolate it self doesn't cause breakouts, but sugar can play a contributing factor.Diary can play a significant role in the flare up of pimples as well. Funny enough I was discussing acne with someone at Thanksgiving and she told me that once she cut out diary, her acne disappeared. That's what worked for her, for you it may be something else. The key is to pay attention to when you have breakouts, and figure out what you ate the day before. Keeping a food journal can be helpful!

GET YOUR HAIR OUT YOUR FACE & CHANGE THOSE PILLOW CASES|| How many products are your using in your hair? Sometimes those products can have adverse affects to your skin, especially if your hair is always in your face. If you have bangs, you may notice that you tend to have breakouts on your forehead. Those hair products can seep into your pillow cases as well, so it's important that you keep them clean.

PURCHASE SOME RAW HONEY...ASAP!!! || I could go on and on about the benefits of honey for your skin. It's a natural antiseptic and will help clear your acne if it's a bacterial issue. You can use it to wash your face or make masks, but it's important to try it on a small area to make sure that it won't irritate your skin.

EVALUATE YOUR MAKEUP || If you have acne, it's essential that you wear oil free makeup that won't clog your pores. The first ingredient on the label should be water, as it will indicate that that particular brand is non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores). Mineral makeup may work best for you as they contain ingredients that absorb oil and hide redness.



Do you struggle with acne? What works for you?

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