Our Thanksgiving & What I'm Thankful For

Yesterday the temperature dropped into the 60's providing the perfect Fall day here in the typically balmy South Florida. I woke up and immediately began preparations for our 30 guests. Baby Bear caught a cold a few days ago from the sudden change of weather and unfortunately passed his bug on me. With my fever at bay I went directly into decorating mode to set the scene for our family. Using recycled décor from past events, I dug up everything fall appropriate to spruce up the back porch.


We got started a little later than originally planned, but we forgot about all that once we got to dig into the food. Of course we had our traditional Jamaican meals like Oxtails but we grubbed on everything from pie, to turkey, potatoe salad, corned cheese - everything under the sun! Thanksgiving was definitely this weeks "cheat day" - eating clean was the furthest thing from my mind yesterday.


Kim wore makeup yesterday ya'll! I think I'm rubbing off on her...literally, lol!

DSC_0090Love Loss & Legacy - OUR THANKSGIVING

I probably sound like a broken record on this blog, but I really do love my family. I know that everyone is not fortunate to be able to come together the way we do without any drama and just have a good time. We're always laughing, cheering each other on and supporting one another. I'm blessed!


I have to say that this year I'm most thankful for motherhood - what a life changing experience! Ever since Grey has come into my life, it's been full of purpose and fearlessness. Motherhood was the one thing that I never thought I'd never be able to experience at one point, so the fact that it has happened and been so fulfilling makes my heart sing. Being a mom is quite the challenge but the rewards far outweigh the moments of frustration and confusion.

I'd love to know what you're most thankful for this year!

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