Your Days And Nights Are Not Your Own

^^ Grey's Breakfast^^
While skimming through one of my favorite blogs the other day, the writer shared photos from a recent family trip to visit her fiancées family. Her soon to be brother in law has a few children  and she mentioned how quickly she realized that your days and nights are not your own when you become a parent. So true. Though Grey has been sleeping through the night since he was about two or three months old, I still don't sleep the way I used to. Even in my sleep, I'm not fully relaxed. The slightest movement from him and I jump out of my sleep. Not to mention that he now gets up in the wee hours of the morning to watch his dad get ready for work. By the time my husband leaves and we go back to bed, it's time for me to get up again to take my sister to school. And why don't babies understand day light savings or weekends? My now 10 month old son is the boss of my life. He controls when I wake up, when I go to sleep, how much sleep I get, and what I can and cannot do throughout the day.
I remember prior to becoming a mother, I'd watch my sister with her girls and I'd wonder how she did it. How does a woman become so selfless and tend to the every waking need of these little people? Yet it's become second nature to me and I find myself doing the same without a second thought.
Grey is quickly approaching toddlerhood and I find myself running behind him all day, figuring out his diet for the next stage, and planning his first birthday party. On some days I even think about adding another baby to the mix. Keyword: Thinking...not trying!
When it's all said and done, I absolutely love being a mother. Motherhood is one of the few areas in my life where I feel absolutely fulfilled. There are certainly challenges but my instincts always lead me out the tunnel...even if I get poop or baby food on my clothes in the process.
I'm trying to work on making other areas of my life as gratifying as being a mom, and it's all coming together slowly but surely. I've even applied for an internship in the field that I desire to start a career in - I've been praying about it like crazy. In the meantime, I'm trying to take life day by day, and doing my best to stay focused on my fitness journey. Today actually marks 4 years since I've gotten married and it blows my mind when I think about all that's happened since then. I can't wait to celebrate this weekend, even though I'm sad at the thought of spending a night away from the baby.
The relaunch/redesign of this blog is coming soon but I've unfortunately hit a little road block. It's on it's way though!
What's Been Going On With You Lately?