Banana Visits From Jamaica

This past weekend, my little cousin Banana came to Florida for a short trip. Ok, so her real name isn't Banana, but that's what I've always called her and will continue to do so no matter how old she gets. There was a time in my life when Banana and I lived together. When families migrate to The States (and other places) they typically leave their child(ren) in the care of a trusted family member or friend while they get settled in a new country. While my mom was away getting work and a place for us to live, I stayed behind in Jamaica with Banana (her dad is my moms big brother). It was an interesting time. As much as I loved her, I often found myself locking myself in the bathroom for hours while she would wait patiently outside the door for me. She wanted to be with me all the time, but as a child who was used to having her own personal space - it was a lot for me. I'm still that way at times, although now there is a 9 month old who crawls and follows my every move. Though I would later join my mom for a new life in America, Banana and I have always remained close. Due to her intense studies back home, I haven't seen her since my wedding so I couldn't have been happier to spend time with her.
When my aunt asked her where she wanted to go for dinner, she chose the most random place - Golden Corral (girl, what?). I mean...of all the places in America, you wanna go to the buffet? I didn't want to be the prima-donna, so I kept my mouth shut and went along. We had the best time! We even got to Skype with our older cousin Phillip who is currently attending school in Trinidad. We reminisced about living together, we talked about what she'd like to do when she graduates and I just couldn't be prouder of the young lady she's become. She's so beautiful, intelligent and has the warmest personality.
Having her here made me want to book a trip back home immediately. I haven't been back to Jamaica since 2007 for my aunts funeral. My husband has been several times in the past few years, even going just a few months ago - but unfortunately, mainly for funerals as well. We'd originally planned on visiting this year but things have been so crazy and bills are coming from everywhere. We're hoping to finally make it out there as a family next summer. Grey will only be a toddler, but we'd love to show him where his parents are from and introduce him to more family. His grandparents, and cousins can't wait to meet him. Plus, mama hasn't been on a real vacation in years and I could really use one.
Grey is now 9 months old! He weighs 19 pounds, 6 ounces and measures at 28 inches long. He has two bottom teeth and there are a bunch waiting in the wings to sprout at any moment. Lucky for us, he's a great teether and finds comfort in biting our arms. We can certainly deal with that as opposed to fevers, and a cranky baby. He also crawls and "walks around" by holding on to furniture. Clapping is one of his favorite things in life, he will burst out in laughter if everyone else is laughing and if you talk to him in a whisper he'll whisper back. And because his birthday will be here before we know it, I've already settled on a theme and am going to start planning his party really soon!
Oh yea! Thank you for sharing your well wishes and experiences on my "Working Mama" post. I'm surviving.