Mother Of All Baby Showers - South Florida

youngatartmuseumThe Young At Art Museum was the place to be this past Friday night if you're a new or expectant mom in South Florida! The Mother Of All Baby Showers presented by Memorial Hospital offered educational sessions, product sampling, food and giveaways! As if the event wasn't jampacked with enough goodies, Rosie Pope was also a guest speaker who lead a session on maternity IQ. Unfortunately she was gone by the time I arrived (she must have been alerted that her stalker was in the building) but my cousin Kim and I had an amazing time nonetheless. I wish I was able to have filmed the event so that I could really capture the atmosphere. There a plethora of vendors, gorgeous pregnant women, new moms and a few men sprinkled throughout the crowd.

mother of all baby showersrosie popeMother Of All Baby ShowersThe interactive seminars were certainly a great resource for expectant parents. We caught the breast feeding portion where the ladies were able to immediately get answers to their questions from experts. While on the topic, we got a chance to sample a few bites from Milkin Cookies! Not only do these treats taste good, they're actually lactation cookies that assists nursing moms with producing a sufficient milk supply. How cool is that?

motherofallbabyshowers_southfloridaApparently the Enfamil table was all the rage as they were completely wiped out of samples and supplies. While at another table later in the evening, we spotted one of the consultants making his way back with a large cart of boxes. We didn't know what was in there, but we rushed back to the table so that Kim could get her hands on what ever it was. motherofallbabyshowers_southflorida2We also met the founder of one of the most brilliant concepts ever that I can't believe I had no idea about. Kim, a gorgeous mom of 3, created Mommycise - a workout that you can do with your babies in tow. From what I understand it's not a cutesy workout either, it's real fat burning exercises, cardio and resistance that will make you loose weight. The workouts are post natal approved and your baby is apart of the class! Genius! You literally have no excuse not to workout. My cousins and I will definitely be checking out this class! It's also a great way to meet other local mommies! I can't wait!

And then there were the cupcakes...

2chickscupcakery_motherofallbabyshowers we discovered 2 Chicks Cupcakery...and the Heavens opened up. Not only did we over stay our welcome and hover over the table, but we ate everything!

2 Chickd CupcakeryOk, we didn't eat everything, but we tried- making sure to sample a variety of flavors. As a baking fanatic, I tend to judge cupcake bakers by their red velvet, because it's not easy and they can be dry. Not these! They were soooooo moist and just incredible. Naturally I had to have a couple more - you know - just to make sure that the first one wasn't a fluke (i.e. I was being greedy)!

2 Chicks CupcakeryNot only did we hang out at the table way too long, and try to wipe out her supply, but we also appointed ourselves as the official spokespersons for the brand. We're 2 Chicks AND we both have afros just like the girls in the logo! It was meant to be! All jokes aside, not only is the product good, but the owner/baker has such a fun and warm personality that made us feel as though we'd known her forever. We love to support small black owned businesses, so 2 Chicks Cupcakery is definitely on my radar for my next event.

The following moment solidified the fact that I've officially crossed over into motherhood oblivion. I had a complete fan moment when I spotted this baby...

Cybex By Jeremy Scott

The Cybex By Jeremy Scott stroller!!! You would have thought that I was meeting Beyoncé - I almost went into hysterics! Let me explain. These strollers are so rare that I didn't even know that there was one in the state of Florida. Tutti Bambini of Miami has the exclusive - you can't get it anywhere else in the South - barely anywhere else in the country for that matter.


Tutti Bambini is the ultimate one stop shop for moms who are while practical want a luxurious experience as well. Not only does their store allow you to stock up on the latest and greatest of all baby everything, they also offer a variety of services including nursery design, photography, educational classes and so much more! These gals know everything and provide so much knowledge about baby gear. They even helped me decide which baby food maker to buy!


We also got to meet Beth - the founder/designer of Shades! My only complaint about the line is that she doesn't offer adult sizes ::insert real tears::


There were so many pieces that I wanted for myself - I just couldn't come to terms with the fact that I couldn't fit anything! The clothes are so well made, unique and stylish! We had a long chat with the owner who started out designing and sewing clothes for her own children and it organically turned into a business! Very inspiring! Loved her!

Mother of al baby showersDSC_0782MOTHEROFALLBABYSHOWERS22

Overall, the event was a ton of fun! We had an awesome time discovering new brands and meeting the faces behind some of our favorites! A special thank you to Kim for deciding to roll with me at the last minute! She had a baby only 4 weeks ago and was a trooper with all the walking. However, I did get yelled at a few times for making her laugh too hard! Thank you to everyone we met as well for taking the time to chat with us (Kim and I love a good talk) and answer all our questions!


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