Birthday 3 Years Later

Despite the fact that my husband has never been into celebrating his birthday (or anything really), I always do my best to do something to show my appreciation. It's much different now than it was a few years ago however. Back then it was about putting on something sexy for dinner or over the top surprise trips to Las Vegas to celebrate. This year it was realizing that I needed to comb my hair for the first time in two weeks so that I didn't go in public looking crazy, making sure that my mom could watch the baby for us that night and the both of us trying to stay awake during our meal. We dined at Big City Tavern for the first time (steak, fries, kale salad & Voss water for me - some kind of crab cake jambalaya and Heineken's for him) and I practically inhaled the calamari that we were supposed to be sharing for appetizer. We had a good night but of course we had to catch ourselves from talking about Grey or my husbands job for the entire night - but really, what else is going on? This is our life now - birthday dinners close to home and the aquarium for the win! Parenthood, better know as "the ultimate turn down". Not complaining though :)