Hubby's Birthday At Miami Seaquarium

While everyone around the web is sharing photos and instagram snaps of New York Fashion Week, my family and I headed down to Miami Sequarium in celebration of my husbands birthday. I can't say that I was surprised that this was his choice to spend his day off. We're both originally from Jamaica, but he literally grew up on the water and is all about the marine life. He can tell me everything about fish, he even gave me lessons as we passed the different variety in the displays - there was no need for us to attend the presentations. By the way, want to know what he watches when he is home - Nat Geo Wild and Animal Planet ((sigh)). I think he may need to re-think his career choice.
Our day started off much later than I'd originally planned and we paid for it. While we had a fun day, we ended up being there dead smack in the afternoon and the heat was unbearable. Within a half an hour I regretted not wearing the cotton shirt and shorts that I'd originally planned to be my outfit for the day. Besides looking as though we'd just gotten out the pool and me obsessively applying sunscreen to Grey (of course I had to buy a hat from the souvenir shop to shield him from the sun as well) - it was truly a memorable day. I believe that is our first real family outing. Our little guy is still too young to understand and appreciate whales and dolphins during tricks, but it was nice to just be together. We've been making a real effort to spend more time together and I'm really enjoying it. We have the privilege to live in such a beautiful place and I love that we're getting out more.
^^on my other blog you can see a more glamorous version of this top^^
This was one of the days where I really appreciated being a stay at home mom. There was only one day off request that needed to be approved and I wasn't worrying about things in the office that I'd need to catch up on the following day. Over the weekend I submitted what I'm sure will be my last set of job applications. I think God is trying to push me in a different direction and I'm not listening...but I got it now. Not everything is meant is for me. I'm either going to land what I believe is my dream job or be my own boss (ideally a work at home mom). Let's see what happens.