Impromptu Beach Morning

...I know I just wrote a post about how I need to stop romanticizing and living in the past, but there is one thing I truly miss about it - spontaneity! There was a time in life when we'd have an idea and just get in car and go. Now with a baby and my husbands work schedule, everything requires a bit more planning and typically get's cancelled when all is said and done. Today was different. My guy played hooky and with the crust still in our eyes when we woke up this morning, I suggested a walk on the beach. We went around 8am before the sun got too hot for the baby (it's brutal down here in the summer) and spent about an hour talking, taking Grey to dip his feet in the water and making a family video. It was refreshing. I needed a day like this especially because I'm quite sure that things will soon become really busy for me. Between re-launching my makeup artistry career, a new blog and the possibility of having full time work soon - things are changing. I'm a little nervous about it quite honestly. For now, I just want more days like this...often.