Sometimes I feel like I'm one of those people that just can't catch a break in life. The difference is that now I have a physical reminder that miracles can happen - my son. On days when I'm on the verge of tears or feel like throwing in the towel, I see this little brown face with two bottom teeth just laughing with not a care in the world. How can I not be happy?
For almost seven months now, can you believe it, I've been a mom to that little guy on the carpet. He only tolerates his play mat for so long - already stopping one of those hanging animals from singing because he tugged too hard on it. He's also managed to unhinge one of those four corners and when he's over it all together (usually after 5 minutes or so) he then rolls off of it all together and finds something else to play with.
This motherhood thing does get better! For me, it's more than likely because he can interact with me more and more as he gets older. Things are still pretty limited of course, but I love that I can make him laugh and how excited he is to see his dad when he gets home from work.
I'm not sure what's next in our life, but I'm pretty sure that I'm super lucky to be Grey's mother. That's the one thing I in life in know for sure.By the way, have a gander at my hair/beauty/style blog - I'm having so much fun with it. Can that be my career? That would make me so happy!