Grey's Dedication

**Just noticed that this post has been sitting in draft for the past 3 months ((sigh)) mommy brain**

My baby boy's Dedication turned out just the way I planned it for the most part. The cake turned out a little different than what the baker told me it would be and my pastor had to run out of town so the ceremony was performed by his wife (who is a Pastor as well)...but really, everything was great. I'd been planning for weeks - I secured the rentals, bought our outfits, my sister made the balloon creations and the favors once she arrived in town and the guest list was set. Instead of spending money on a venue, I had our living and dining area in her house cleared out for the party and my family chipped in by cooking. I also made the last minute decision to hire my friend Trisha to take photos, and with only 3 photos on my cell phone after the whole thing was said and done, that's one of the best decisions that I made. It was really a family effort and couldn't have been more grateful for the support and turn out for Baby Grey. As for him, he slept through most of the day and only stayed awake for a few photos and feedings before nodding off again. His Dedication was held on April 7th, which is the exact date last year that my Pastor told me that I was going to be expecting a baby boy soon. I get the chills every time I think about it - God is so good.

Such a perfect day!