Drive In Movies

^^(during Saturday nights family date night at the drive in movie) Grey startled by the taking a photo during the movie...hubby accidently cut out the photo
I promise I don't know what to do with this blog. Part of me wants to close it while another part of me wants to keep it for Grey to read when he grows up...well if he's interested.
In any event, we made it out the house this weekend - for most of Saturday actually. Grey and I spent most of the day with the Naturals In The Sun girls for lunch and then we went out with daddy that night for a movie. We're fortunate enough to live close to a drive in movie theatre which comes in handy when you have a baby. How many times have you side- eyed the mom who brought her young baby to the movies and have been constantly interrupted by the babbles, the crying, the fussing and such? I don't want to be that mom...but I do love the movies. At the drive in we can still stay current on our movies while watching from the comfort of our car, for much less than a regular movie theatre might I add. Grey is still able to "talk" to us, have us help him jump and like this past weekend, we're able to change a poopy diaper in the backseat without missing much. It's perfect for new parents such as ourselves.
As a stay at home mom, it's rare that I get out the house - I literally just stay at home. And the three of us outside the house together is a rarity due to my husbands work schedule. I've recently decided that this needs to change. We need to get out more and we need to do more things together. Because Grey is only 6 months old, I'm not that inspired to go do things that he won't understand as yet. As much as I enjoy this stage, I'm also looking forward to taking him to museums, parks and other fun activities that he can't appreciate as yet. I'm not sure what moms do with their babies at this age but I need to figure it out...and it needs to be cheap and not involve strolls through the mall.
I have to admit that this stay at home mom thing can be very lonely at times, but I know that I'm Blessed to be able to not miss a moment of my little guys life. Did I mention that his two bottom teeth are coming in? I can't believe that I've been a mother to him for half a year now. I'm already brainstorming his birthday party ideas, you know me.
But seriously, I need a little help! What did you and your baby do for fun at this stage? I'm in desperate need of ideas!
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