Mothers Day Weekendstagrams

This past weekend was PACKED! Between seeing my little cousin off to his prom and then hitting the road up to Orlando a few hours later for the weekend - it was a lot but so much fun. A group of about 15 of my family members enjoyed a quick Mothers Day Weekend together where we all got some much needed rest, ate, laughed and hung out. I felt very privileged to be able to celebrate Mothers Day with a baby in my arms this year. I can't thank my family, friends, and the readers of this blog enough for being there for be during my at times difficult road to motherhood! I appreciate this role more than anything. From his cries, to his smiles, the blinks of his eyes and just staring at my little boy breathe sometimes - I don't take it for granted. If there's anything in this life I know I was made to become, it's a mother. Happy (late) Mothers Day to you whether you have a child in your arms or in Heaven and to all the women and men that have taken on the role of mother to others in your life.
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