Mommy's Day Out???

I'm not sure why we called this "Mommy's Day Out" since we had two babies and a kid with us, but we had a good time nonetheless. While motherhood has put me on the path to an amazing journey, there are definitely challenges and moments when you just need to get out the house and have a good time. Good time meaning going to places with ramps for your stroller and an area to comfortably change a baby. Having someone around that knows exactly what you're going through is always a plus. That's where my Cousin Janique comes in. Yesterday as we arrived at my sisters Field's Day event, I couldn't help but to burst out in the most obnoxious laughing fit. I feel like it was just the other day she was teaching me how to jump double dutch in The Bronx (which I never mastered by the way) and now, there we were unloading our strollers from the trunk of my SUV and getting our boys situated. I don't know why but it was just hilarious to me in that moment. It's going to be even more hilarious when Kim joins us this summer. Though we're all quickly approaching 26 and now mothers, it's nice to know that we can still act a silly when we get together and forget our everyday stresses. After picking up my sister from school yesterday I randomly decided that I needed to have lunch on the we did. Sadly I hadn't been down to the beach in almost a year since moving out west and I certainly can't remember the last time I ate at this very same restaurant that I used to frequent. I'm not sure if it's Cabin Fever or my renewed love for life since having Grey, but I've recently complied a list of activities to do this Spring. For goodness sake, I live where people vacation - there's so much to do! I'm definitely making it a point to get out the house more often and I'm happy to have the company!
Bahia Cabana Beach Resort & Marina  3001 Harbor Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

PS: Just found this horribly shot video from a few years ago when we went on The Jungle Queen
and then had lunch at this very same restaurant. My little sister looks like a BABY I'm about to goes so fast :/
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