Currently Seeking Mom Friendly Adventures

I'm not sure how odd this may make me sound, but I recently started researching mom meet up groups in my town. I think I found one that seems interesting - monthly group meeting with a guest speaker, weekly meet ups (at playgrounds, the beach, etc) and even an organized Moms Night Out once per month! Say what? Apparently the club consists of other stay at home moms who want to "support each other and form lasting friendships". Uuuhh, ok. Granted, just because two women are mothers doesn't mean they're going to become bff's, but I think I'm more into the idea of having a fun activity to look forward to on a weekly basis with other grown up ladies. I'm more into the organized activities than the friendship part, although I'm always down to meet new people. Grey is only two months old, so obviously I'd be the one to benefit more from this initially than he would. Truthfully, I'm a little bored. I'm busy 24/7 with Grey, and while I wouldn't have it any other way, I'd like to add a little something else into the schedule. Even if I choose not to join this group, I just need to get out the house more. I'm getting a little restless.

...cheers to honesty.