We Out

I went outside everybody! Clap for me! As mentioned before, I haven't been outside much since Grey was born a few weeks ago - only doctors appointments, occasional trips across the street to the park and rotating Sunday dinners with the family. This weekend required some shopping to be done that demanded my attention. Lil Sis is going away with her school for a couple days and needed a few more things, while I had to purchase Grey a suit for his upcoming Dedication. I can't wait to show it to you guys, I laugh every time I look at the little thing. In addition to his suit he left with a huge bag of clothes to last him over the next few months. It was a little strange being around so many people at the store. I forgot that people go outside on the weekends. Typically when I shop, I go right after dropping my sister off at school as the stores are opening. I pretty much have the building to myself and the lines are none existent at the cash register. I love people but I don't do crowds. I certainly don't do long lines. I had plans for the four of us to have an outdoor dinner at a local restaurant, but it got too cold for the baby which led us to buy crap in the food court to take home. Date night didn't happen this week either. The little outing was good for me, although now when I leave the house it's as if I want to find all sorts of places to go before we head back home. "What about here? Don't we need to go over there to do this?". My poor husband on the other hand always just wants to go home. I'm hoping to have a little birthday staycation in Miami next month. More like praying. I'd love to do Naples again, but I'll probably wait until Grey gets a little bigger for the hour a half trip away. I'll take more days like this for now.