My Maternity Photo Shoot Video

Unless you follow me on instagram, more than likely you're not aware of my last minute decision to do a maternity photo shoot. I'd been going back and forth with the idea and didn't decide to do them until seeing some previews of my friend Chanell's maternity photos. I was so blown away that I immediately asked her for the photographers information and got in touch with her as I didn't have much longer to be pregnant. We were able to schedule something for the very same day I spoke to her and had a fun time during the process. Although I was tired and bloated, I felt beautiful and did my best to serve hunty! Yes! Heels and all...but of course with back up flats to walk to the various locations, lol. I chose Las Olas Blvd in Downtown Fort Lauderdale for my location due to the myriad of backgrounds and the fact that my Love and I have lots of memories there. Both my husband and little sister participated in the shoot as well and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Here's a sneak peek of the photos and some video that my sister shot. Enjoy!