Our First Night Out As Parents

I can't thank my mother enough for watching Baby Grey for an hour or two so that the husband and I can have date nights. It's not the easiest thing for me as I'm always worrying what the baby is up to when I'm not with him, but I know he's in great hands. Besides, I think it's important to keep the romance going with your partner though it's quite the challenge when children come into the picture. While we certainly won't be able to go out every weekend, we're trying to make it a priority at least twice a month. Luckily we live near tons of restaurants so we're always just a few minutes away from the baby for a max of two hours.Finding outfits that look good on me six weeks postpartum is frustrating, but I managed to shop my closet to pull this look together. I hadn't worn these shoes in years and quickly remembered why after a few minutes. They're cute but uncomfortable...definitely only ten minute shoes.