Check Up On It

Blazer: DKNY // Tee: Liz Lange Maternity // Leggings: Random // Sneakers: Coach

I think it's hilarious that I was just discussing my colorful outfits and lack of desire to wear all black with you all and my aunt the other day...and now here I am in head to toe black. Ha! Hey it's the New Year, I guess I was trying something new...or more so trying to camouflage the post baby body issues. I think the last time I wore all black was for my husbands birthday a few years ago ,but it's something I may try more often. I wore this out to my 2 weeks postpartum check up appointment yesterday. It was a mental check up more than anything - making sure that I don't have Postpartum Depression and answering any questions that I may have had. By the way, the doctor kept looking back and forth at myself, my husband and Grey before proceeding to tell us that the baby doesn't look like either of us. I mean hell, good thing that my husband knows for sure that he is the father or I'd be on an episode of Maury right now pleading my case. Rude!


By the way, Grey has to get an injection tomorrow and I'm dreading it. I already know I'm going to cry...