He's Here: 1 Week Postpartum

a late night feeding
Today officially marks 1 week since I've given birth to my little boy and I still haven't found the word to encapsulate just how much I love him. The past 7 days has been a blur to be quite honest between my actual birthing experience, bringing him home, constantly staring at him to make sure he's real and total exhaustion. I no longer have a concept of time as my days are spent in 2 - 3 hour increments of feedings, pumping and diaper changing, while always forgetting to eat the entire day or take a shower. I'm tearing up as I type this, glimpsing over at him every few seconds as I put this post together. I could be delirious from the lack of sleep, but I'm pretty sure it's just that my heart continues to expand with my love for him as each day passes. He's so sweet and just the cutest little thing I've ever laid my eyes on...I can't believe he's mine. I've always wanted to be a mom and now that it's happened for me, I can barely contain my emotions some times. I'm constantly asking my husband if he can believe that we really have a baby, lol. I myself am still in disbelief.I'll be filming my birth story when I can, which will include video and photo footage from the hospital...and don't worry...no vadge shots, lol! I know I've said thank you a million times, but I've really appreciated all the support during my journey of loss and now a successful pregnancy.

Until next time...