[ 1.11.13 - 40 weeks pregnant ]
Here I am! I made it!
I remember when I prayed to make it to week 8...and then week 12...stressed over making it to pass week 23...then 32...then 37...and now I've made it a full 40 weeks. What a whirlwind this pregnancy has been both mentally and physically. I thought I miscarried at 8 weeks due to bleeding, bouts of bed rest, dehydration incidents, a 4 day hospital stint due to the flu...all while still grieving the loss of Jolie. It's been exhausting to say the least, but tomorrow I'll finally have my reward in my arms. I'm heading into the hospital tonight/early morning for a scheduled induction. It was something that I went back and forth with, but after speaking with my doctor today, we made the decision. My husband had taken off work today, so once we realized that Grey could be hanging out with us this time tomorrow, we decided to have lunch at my favorite restaurant before running some errands and then getting some sleep for later. The car seat is installed, hospital bag at the door - we're so ready. I have to admit that I got hit with a huge wave of emotion while in the car a little while ago - I'm meeting my boy this weekend. I starred at my belly in the mirror once I got home, and became a little sad that this unique journey of pregnancy is almost over. There's nothing like feeling him wiggle and kick in there, I know I'm going to miss it. I have to really thank you all for coming on this journey with me and being so supportive. Having you all cheer me on during the days when my confidence to carry a child to term was practically non-existent and my grief interfered with my happiness, has been so amazing. I can't thank you all enough. Please keep me in your prayers tonight as we start the labor process this weekend. Thank you!