39.4 Pregnancy Update

I'm currently in bed living that Netflix life...and yes I'm STILL very much pregnant. I kind of wish my doctor didn't get me excited at the thought of Grey showing up last weekend because clearly nothing happened. Not only did it rob me of my patience and leave me disappointed, but I then had to deal with an influx of phone calls and text messages asking if Grey showed up as yet. Between the exhaustion and hormones I got annoyed and turned my phone off. I then had to check myself and be grateful that so many people actually care about me and my son...but I still left my phone off so I could get some sleep.
I've been walking but that hasn't helped up to this point. I'm thinking of getting induced this weekend if he doesn't come by Friday...but that's not the way I'd originally planned things...and I'm still weighing the pros and cons of the medications if I decide to go that route. By the way, a special thank you to my blog mommy friends who shared their induction experiences with me on twitter yesterday when I asked for some feedback.
...so there you have it folks, nothing is happening over here except for my Netflix addiction getting worse. Sometimes I feel some pelvic pressure and a little discomfort but there are no signs of labor up till now. I don't think he's a low ad he could be because I'm moving around pretty easily, although very slowly.
Hopefully I'll have something more exciting to report soon :)
Thanks for the love & support blog family! Love you all !!!!
Take Care,