I'm Officially FULL TERM today!!!!

::does a cartwheel:: ::hits the dougie:: ::does the butterfly:: ::starts to wu-tang:: ::starts to bruk it down:: ::jumps and lands in a split::I don't know if you can feel my enthusiasm through this post, but honey, if I had a direct line to Jesus I'd be blowing up his phone right now. Hey Jesus Hey! But for now a prayer of thanks will do. I'm 37 weeks as of today, which means that I'm officially full term. :: hits the dougie again:: When I saw my doctor yesterday he yelled, " We did it!!!" So excited...but exhausted at the same time, lol. Baby can be born any day now and will be fine, although ideally I'd like to keep him cooking till week 39...but that's not up to me.

As far as week 36 went, it was jam packed, leaving me slower than ever with little energy. The week kicked off with my cousins baby shower. I was so exhausted to go as I don't get out much. Cake, music and family? I was so in there! I danced, I ate and I laughed a lot. Most importantly my cousin had a great time and the event turned out just the way that she imagined. But my entire body ached the next day, lol.

Secondly I had two classes at the hospital this week - child care & breastfeeding. Both classes were held at night which was hard for me since I had to fight through sleep, but they were extremely informative nonetheless. I've learned so much, especially about breastfeeding. I know it may be a challenge but I'm feeling more confident than ever after learning all the things that I did in the class. I took my pregnant cousin with me since my husband couldn't make the class last minute. We had a lot of fun learning together, although we were both so restless that we started playing with our dolls...we're like kids.

Thirdly, I had two doctors appointments this week. The 1st was to see my specialist where I did my sonogram. Baby Grey was so uncooperative that I didn't get one picture, lol. He was head down and facing my back - I didn't even get to see his little face. I think he's just over it! He's not much of a fan of sonograms or any kind of examinations where he has to be touched. He's notorious for kicking monitors off my belly, flashing people and wiggling around into positions that make it hard to take his measurements, lol. Most importantly though, everything looks good, he's putting on weight and measuring perfectly. Since I'm due any day now, that was my last appointment with my specialist especially as there's no need to keep measuring my cervix at this point.

My regular OB went great as well. I originally thought that Baby was measuring a little smaller than he should, but this doctor told me that he was right on track. That made more sense to me. I wasn't told anything about being effaced but as I read, that can change overnight. I was told yesterday that my cervix is still very thick, so I'm thinking I can at least make it to the Christmas festivities...but things can change. So far though, I seem to be not be one of the ladies who goes into labor a week after being done with the 17-P injections. Most people seem to be betting that he'll either be born on Jan 1st or Jan 7th. We'll see what he's up to.

In any event, I'm so excited to have made it this far! Sometimes I'm still in awe that the little person wiggling around in my belly is going to be in my arms soon. Everything is ready to go and waiting! I'm so happy!