WEEK 34 | The Last Injection

34 weeks and 6 days pregnant today
Today was my last 17-P Injection!!! 
I wanted to skip out the office, but once I realized how much 
energy and mobility that would require, I chose the latter and wobbled my way out. 

I had a check up this week and all looks well. Grey is not as big as I thought, but he's growing nicely and I can definitely feel it as each week passes. Though I have to put out quite an effort to find a comfortable position to sleep in, I'm not as uncomfortable as I thought I would be...though that will more than likely change in these last few weeks. I tend to be out of breath more often than not though, especially when I'm wrestling with the pillows to find that sweet spot to sleep in at night. I don't get out much these days since everyone has been chipping in with my errands and helping me stay off my feet. Besides trips to Target to get things for me and baby, doctor appointments and upcoming preparation classes at the hospital - I'm in bed. I am however planning date nights over the next few weeks to squeeze in some quality time with the husband. Looks like I may have found a pediatrician as well, who I will be meeting with next week before fully committing.

It's still mind blowing to me that my child will be here in just 30 something days...I couldn't be in a better place in life right. I am truly happy and grateful for where I am right now. At this time last year, I was just accepting Jolie's death and starting to think about trying to conceive again. It's amazing what can happen in a year. I will say it over and over again...GOD IS GOOD!