WEEK 34 | Hospital Bag Shopping, A Tour & A Postpartum Doula

...I've always wanted to ride around in these things. Unfortunately, it's a lot slower than I would have preferred but my legs have been feeling like jello these days so this was handy. Yea I may have almost hit a few people and ran into some racks...but I had so much fun in Target yesterday while shopping for mine and Grey's hospital bag. I'd been watching a few videos on youtube to get some ideas, but ultimately I went by The Bump's Hospital Bag Checklist.
Immediately after leaving there we rushed over to our hospital for the Maternity Ward Tour. We got a more specific list of what our hospital provides and doesn't, so we're going to have to do a little more shopping for our overnight bags. Be on the lookout for the an upcoming "What's In My Hospital Bag" video post. Anyhoo, we had a full classroom yesterday with lots of pregnant women (of course) and their partners. It was given by the lactation nurse who is hilarious, I can't wait to see her again once I deliver. After being given some reading materials, shown the slides and had our questions answered, we headed out on the floor to see the rooms. I don't know if this is an odd thing to say, but that tour made me so excited to go into labor (?). I seriously love my hospital and the staff there...and if you've been reading this blog, you know I spend a lot of time there. I could have practically given the tour of the Labor & Delivery Ward myself. The labor and delivery room is amazing and they basically allow you to bring into anything and do anything you want to make yourself comfortable. The suites upstairs are just great as well and I love how baby friendly the hospital is. They do skin to skin and try to do breastfeeding before taking the baby to be showered and baby stays with you the entire time instead of the nursery. I feel more comfortable than ever about giving birth - I just can't wait! AND!!!! We have the option of having a photographer basically set up a photo studio in our room to have a newborn baby and parents photo shoot. Listen, it's going down honey! We're totally doing that! I really wanted a nice newborn photo shoot but I wasn't sure how or when it was going to get down - but now that I know this service is available to me before I even go home - Amen!
Once the tour was over, we rushed back home to make our appointment with a potential postpartum doula. Although my family is very supportive and willing to help, the fact of the matter is that everyone is extremely busy working a job or two. My husband in particular clocks into his job before the sun comes up and doesn't leave till anywhere from ten to thirteen hours later. Everyone close to the situation is very supportive of me having some help for those first days, even if it's just a few hours out the day. More than likely I'll only have her for about three days during the first week that I'm home, but a little help is better than none...and which mother of a newborn would turn down help? Not me! In any event, she was as amazing in person as she was over the phone and the way that I met her is actually kind of funny...I think it was fate.
...but that was my Sunday in a nutshell. I haven't done that much in a while, but I love a productive day. I'm looking forward to the rest of the classes that I'll be taking at the hospital and the fact that my last 17-P injection is this Thursday...can you believe it?