WEEK 32 | Stretch Marks & Other Thoughts

Sometimes I look at my ever changing body and just think, "wow". It's the first time in my life where I'm excited that my belly is expanding every week and I can't find an ounce of care to give about the stretch marks. Normally I would never share a photo like this pre-pregnancy...I don't even wear bikini's lol.
The more my little boy grows inside of me, the more I think about the life I want him to have and the example that I want to set. To be honest though, sometimes I cry at the realization that we'll never be able to have any of the joys with Jolie that we're going to have with her little brother. I had a severe meltdown about it last week. There are no words to explain how thankful I am to have chance at bringing another life into the world, but I do wish that Jolie was still here too. At times I even get a little nervous that he's going to look just like her at birth and bring me back to July 2, 2011. It's mentally exhausting being pregnant after experiencing what I went through in my 1st pregnancy but I thank God every day for this opportunity.I'm so looking forward to meeting him and kissing him until he get's annoyed with me. I can't wait to see his feet in the little socks we bought, put his hands in those little mittens and swaddle him in these super cute blankets. I can't wait!!! But of course, I need him to stay in there until he's due, lol. My family is eager to meet him although I already see that they're going to spoil him - my mother especially...but that's what grand mothers do right?Dear January, please hurry up :)