Week 30 & 31 Recap ( early contractions)

silly faces in my doc office at 31 weeks
I'm 8 months pregnant today!!!! Week 32!!!! (( drops it like its hot...and struggles to pick it back up))!!!
Week 30 kicked off with a fender bender while on my way to the airport to get my sister. I ran lots of errands in preparation for the shower and the event was flawless. I ran around for a few days after that and boy did I pay for it. I started having an all too familiar feeling in my abdomen - I started timing them and quickly determined that they were contractions. We headed to the hospital where they told me that they weren't picking up anything on the monitor. That was all too familiar as well, as it was a similar situation with Jolie. Since they refused to treat me for something they couldn't see I went home knowing that I'd return later. As expected, the pain got worse and I couldn't even sleep. Around midnight we headed back to the hospital and this time the contractions showed up on the monitor. It was determined that I was dehydrated, which caused the mild contractions. I wasn't in labor, so after a few hours of the IV, the contractions calmed down and I was able to return home. As a result, I spent all of week 31 in bed drinking a ridiculous amounts of water to stop what was left of the mild contractions. It took a few days but they're completely gone now.
The panic in my husbands eyes during the entire ordeal was too much for me to handle, so I really had to put on a brave face during the whole thing. My dad completely lost his mind in fear that the same thing was happening all over again. I tried to reassure him that things would be different this time as I was much further a long in this pregnancy, but it took quite a while to come him down. Surprisingly I was the only level-headed person in this situation. I just know that Jolie watches over me and her little brother...that alone kept me extremely calm and allowed me to not worry one bit.
During these last 8 weeks, I'll be staying off my feet and drinking lots of water. With the exception of doctor visits, picking up some more things for Grey and celebrating my anniversary this weekend - that's pretty much it for me. I'm so excited to see this little boys face and have a chance to be the mother I've always dreamt of being. It's been a rocky journey, but I wouldn't trade this experience for anything - it's all going to be worth it.