COUNTDOWN TO BABY: Let's Get Organized

Seriously...this baby making his presence known around here and he hasn't even showed up as yet! His stuff is everywhere and it's time for me to get it together. I have his first load of laundry to do and put away, but not before I buy him a few more things this weekend. Despite all that I picked up from Carters [ watch my video haul ] I still need quite a few more hats, night gowns, fitted sheets for the crib and tons of other necessities. Praise Jesus for coupons, baby showers gifts and my husbands job !!! All this stuff and the need to get it all together has been driving me crazy, but after this last dehydration episode Husband won't let me anything without his help. I still don't know where some of these things are going but I know they need to be put away, especially the things that he doesn't need as a newborn. By the way if you're an expectant mother or have any in your life that you're helping out, my blogger friend Ro has a very helpful video on her Newborn Essentials.
Am I the only expectant mother that's 
gotten overwhelmed with all of baby's stuff?