CIRQUE DU BEBE // The Giftbag (favors)

When it came to favors for my shower, I was set on having edible favors from the beginning. I'd originally planned on custom individual cookies that were in the shapes of elephants and have a cotton candy machine at the venue so that people could bring those home as favors as well. However, I wasn't allowed to bring in any unwrapped foods into my venue and though they offered an alternative, I didn't want things getting too expensive. I wasn't willing to compromise not having cotton candy at a circus themed shower, so I decided on using it as a favor instead. Things then snow balled from there into a gift bag instead of a single custom cookie for each guest.
1. THE ACTUAL GIFT BAG // I purchased these blue bags from Dollar Tree, where they had a special for 2 bags for $1.00. Dollar stores usually offer a variety of colors in these bags, more than likely you'll find one to match your theme. If you have the time and money, you can always have customized stickers made to personalize your bags with your theme. Because I didn't get my favor ideas together until just a few days before, I didn't have that as an option.
2. THE COTTON CANDY // After searching around online, I settled on Floss Zone for my cotton candy. Shipment is only about 2 days and I can't rave enough about the customer service that I received over the phone. As a matter of fact, it was the person on the phone (who may also be the company owner) that gave me a great suggestion on how to get my popcorn. He suggested trying my local mall for gourmet popcorn and that way I could skip shipping. The cotton candy shipped right on time and arrived at my door ready to go in the color blue that I requested.
3. THE POPCORN // After the suggestion, I decided on Pops Corn. Once I found out that their chocolate covered caramel popcorn was their most popular, I just had to have that flavor. I had a choice of buying the popcorn by bulk and than going out to purchase the bags and bag it up myself - but since everything was so last minute, I couldn't do that. I had to choose the more expensive option of having the company individually bag everything for me and have it ready for pick up at the mall the day before the shower.
All my guests RAVED about both the popcorn and the cotton candy. 
Both of them are incredibly tasty and complimented the theme very nicely.
 Both vendors were easy to work with, personable over the phone and delivered on their promises.