WEEK 29 | Down To The Wire

Yesterday I headed over to my baby shower venue to give my final guest count, make my final payment and hand in the cupcake wrappers that I wanted to be used. My mom hadn't been there since years ago when this place was a contender for my wedding, so I had to show her the new room that was built where my event will be held. The room was set up beautifully for a wedding that was to be held last night, giving us a good idea of how the space will look. I can't believe the big day is almost here and family arriving from out of town as soon as Friday - I feel as though I'm getting married all over again, lol.
My hormones started taking over yesterday as I couldn't find anything I needed for my gift bags nor the helium tank. I got a few suggestions on my Facebook on where to find one, so I'll be calling around today before I start driving arond town like a mad woman.
I finally got the Husband to put  second coat of spray paint on the picture frames - one more thing that I can cross off the list. If they're dry enough by this afternoon I can finally cut out my pictures and put them in.I'm in full planning and hostess mode this week. There's so much to do and I can't wait for the weekend!