WEEK 28 | Twist Results x Life and Health Updates

28. 2
The results from the last weekends twist out was better than I could have imagined. Amen to Ily Beauty Co. Adore Conditioner for detanging, the African Pride: Curly Bouncy Pudding for definition and the Entwine Couture Argan Oil for being a nice finisher as well as assisting with unraveling the twists. The definition was out of this world, and I love that the curl pudding comes in a decent sized container so that I can lather it on my hair that is so prone to dryness.
In other news, I haven't heard back from my doctor, so it doesn't look as though I have Gestational Diabetes! They said if I didn't receive a call by Monday, I was good and it's now Wednesday! Woohoo! However, I did over exert myself on Sunday while walking around the mall looking for my baby shower outfit and my lower back has been hurting ever since. I'd been searching for an outfit for what seems like eternity. Between the fatigue I was experiencing and my hunger going from 0 to 60 at any given moment - the experience was hellish. I was even desperate enough to try some maternity collections (Jessica Simpson's wasn't that bad) and you know my qualms with maternity clothes lol...though it's hard to discriminate at this stage in the game, lol. I initially gave up and bought this dress but when my mom saw it she was like...."uuuhhhhhhhh no". Granted, it's a cute dress but I didn't love it either, I just wanted to shopping experience to end. After going back to Forever 21 on Sunday, I found an outfit in the plus size section to accommodate the bump and was able to return what I'd purchased the week before. I'm so in love with my outfit that I put together and tried on in the middle of the store, lol. That's how over it I was...I didn't even want to go back into the fitting room....and speaking of baby shower...still haven't ordered my cotton candy favors or secured the helium tank to make the centerpieces. You're probably tired of me still having those two things on my do- to list, as the big day is now only a week and a half away. I got a chance to order Baby Grey's crib as it finally came back in stock! Finally! Being the genius that I am though...I forgot to order the mattress ((slaps forehead)).  But that's not hard to come by, I still have some time to pick one up.

[TANGENT // I'm currently watching Eddie Murphy's "RAW" as I write this post. I'm falling apart over here lmao]

On the emotional side of things, this staying home thing is getting to me again as it does every few months or so. Not saying that I miss slaving for people, but for a gal who is used to working full time in addition to having a freelance business as a side hustle...this feels strange. However, I realize that God is prepping me for the most important job I'll ever have - motherhood. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is where I'm suppose to be at this point and that I'm Blessed enough that I can stay home till Grey gets here safely. At the end of the day, his safety comes before anything else. Truth be told, between all the doctors appointments I have each month, 2 hospital visits for 2 different infections, a period of bed rest and a 4 day hospital stay...I would have probably lost this hypothetical job anyway lol. I've been working on different business ideas, but the fact that I can't jump on anything immediately, gives me too much time to talk myself out of things and convince myself that it's not going to work. My mom tells me that I'm putting too much pressure on myself, that I need to enjoy this time and I'll know what to once Grey get's here. She's probably right...she's always right, lol. Success will come and it may be in a form other that what I initially planned. The next few weeks are going to fly by and all my focus should be on prepping for Grey, my health and trying to spend as much time with my husband before baby gets here. I'm going to try that. 

...and finally order the favors today, lol.