Week 26 Recap: Hospitalized For Influenza

It's been extra quiet around here. The lack of posts this week was due to my hospitalization for influenza. I'm finally home now and am doing much better, though very congested and low on energy. I have the best husband ever who spent every night in the hospital with me and I have to of course let you know that Baby Grey is doing great. Despite being sick, it wasn't all bad. My hospital was so amazing, the nurses took such great care of me and room service was on point. I tried to think of it as a little vacation more than anything else - my family couldn't understand why I wasn't ready to go home lol. This is the same hospital where I'd already planned on having the baby, so now I'm actually looking forward to going back - I can't wait to see my nurses again. Thank you to everyone to sent well wishes via twitter, facebook and email. If I haven't responded to you as yet, please give me a little more time.
- Woke up to my pillow and myself completely drenched in sweat
- At home thermometer said my temperature was 100.4
- Went to the ER were I was informed that I was actually running a fever of 102.9
- I had blood taken for blood work, was hooked up to the IV as well as the heart monitor and to oxygen
- My heart rate was 134 instead of a normal 100 (for pregnant women)
- I had to do a chest exam to make sure that I nothing was wrong with my lungs. Because my heart rate was so high they had to go an extra step to make sure that it was just the fever causing it as opposed to a lung  infection or pheumonia
- Listened to baby on the doppler to make sure that he was ok. His heart rate was a little high because of my fever, but nothing to be alarmed about
- After about 8 hours I was transferred to Labor & Delivery where I was put on a machine to monitor the Baby for 30 minutes
- Around 10pm I was told that I wasn't allowed to go home, and was taken to my own room sometime later
- Fever was still high but my appetite finally returned a little - I was able to eat most of my meals (the only thing I ate on Monday was graham crackers with peanut butter) 
- Cousin Kim, her Manfriend (lol) and Cousin Jan came to visit me! The 4 of us watched the Jamie Foxx Show together and they made me laugh so much, which made me go into coughing spells more than anything else. The nurse took my temperature while they were there, and my temperature actually dropped to 99 point something. That was my 1st time it went below 100. Unfortunately, soon after they left I started shivering again and my fever shot back up to around 101.
- I began sweating early in the morning which was a sign that my fever was breaking thank goodness.
- My fever went away but the doctor wanted to keep me for an extra 24 hours for observation of myself and Grey
- I was able to get taken off the IV
- My fever stayed down during the day but spiked up that night (I was told is normal)
- The fever went back down and stayed down
- My husband brought over the 17-P Injection the night before so that my nurse was able to keep me on schedule with that medication
- I was given my discharge papers, prescriptions and taken home by Cousin Kimi in the afternoon

I'm continuing to take the flu medication to keep the fever at bay in addition to the cough medication I was on. I was coughing so bad on the first day that they were concerned about me going into preterm labor from my water breaking. It's calmed down since then, so that I just have to take it as needed. I'm also anemic again due to the pregnancy (as I was with Jolie) - so I'm on an Iron medication as well. If you're wondering about the mask, I had to keep it on because I was coughing and contagious. It wouldn't be good if I passed on the flu to the staff, my cousins or my Hubby.

Be safe this weekend my loves + stay away from sick people. I'm going back to bed,