WEEK 26 // Breastfeeding Class, Cribs and Other Things

Yesterday I attended breastfeeding class and had the time of my life. No, I don't think it was intended to be so much fun, but I was in Heaven. Who gets this excited about breastfeeding, seriously? We watched a video, were educated on learning your baby's hunger signs, approximately how often to feed, latching techniques, how to wake the baby up for feedings if they've been napping too long, etc. I left there beyond informed! There were a few things that I had no idea about or had just been extremely misinformed about it. The class certainly helped me as I was the nerd who excitedly raised my hand to answer every single question, correctly might I add, ha! If you follow me on Twitter, you know about my random bursts of tears that has been happening lately. They also came as I was watching the video in class, lol. I kept thinking about breastfeeding my baby and just started crying. I must be stopped. Actually anytime I picture Grey at all, I just start crying...happy tears.

Despite how excited I am to begin the challenge of breastfeeding, I'm definitely not a breastfeeding nazi. Every mother should be able to choose what works best for their family, and shouldn't be made to feel guilty if they choose not to or have a difficult time breastfeeding. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be our version of what we perceive to be "a good mom" - we don't need pressure from anyone else telling us what we must do. While I'm personally passionate about being able to breastfeed my child, I will not be that mom who looks down on another woman who chooses formula.
That being said, I decided not to give Grey pacifiers in hopes not to cause nipple confusion and other issues that may arise. I'm planning to not give him a bottle for the first month of so, but eventually, I'm sure I'll pump so that my husband can help with night time feedings. I've chosen the Tommee Tippee bottles as they're said to have the closest shape and feel to a mothers nipple
I've also decided that I don't want visitors at the hospital. I know that everyone is going to be excited to see Grey, but I want to wait until he gets home before he meets everybody. I want to spend those few days in the hospital getting my breastfeeding technique down as much as possible and just bonding with him while getting used to now being a family of 3. I know it's going to be a lot of take in those first few days and I just don't want to be overwhelmed more than I'll already be.
In other baby related news, the crib I've set my heart on decides to be out of stock when I'm ready to buy it. Of course! 
The baby shower is only a month away! I'm still trying to figure out where time is going. I've nailed down the centerpiece idea with my sister, but I still need to secure a helium tank and the favors, in addition to figuring out what I'm going to wear. The dreaded RSVP's weren't as bad since it's not going to be a big group of people. I did have to track down a few people in order to give the venue the correct headcount so that we'll know how much the event is going to cost us as we have to pay per person.
Randomly, my fingers have been hurting over the past few days. I did a little research and realized that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is common during pregnancy. Ugh! Sometimes they're numb...sometimes they hurt...it's certainly not a good time.
As far as Grey, he's finally kicking hard enough for his dad to feel him now - Hubby has been having a great time with that. However, sometimes the kid will continuously kick me on my bladder and then I have to run to bathroom (thanks dude). I plan to get our bedroom set up for him once the shower is over and I see what I have left to buy. At this point, I haven't purchased a single item for Grey but that was mainly out of fear more so than procrastination. Speaking of what to buy, my Big Sister is going to completely do my registry over this weekend as it's not up to her standards lol. She kept asking me if I had this or that and I was like having someone talk to me in a different language. I asked her if she could just do it over for me, and oddly enough she was very excited about the opportunity, lol. Sounds good to me!!!And in case you needed to know...I've spotted two stretch marks on my belly...HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!