Cirque Du Bebe // MY INVITATIONS

Finally! They're done! During a random trip in Michael's I found the perfect invitations to go with my Cirque Du Bebe (French Circus) theme. I found a 30 count box on clearance for only $10, unfortunately, I left them because the gender hadn't been confirmed as yet (though in my mind, I knew it was a boy). Once the ultra sound did confirm what I already knew, I got to Michael's as soon as I could. Lucky for me they still had two boxes left and I only needed one. I'd purchased a box of these Brides invitations for my wedding a few years ago, so I was happy to find a theme that went with my shower. I love that I can have custom looking invitations without that custom price, ok! :)
One of my BFF's helped me with all the wording and the Husband helped me with my printing issues. I'm in love with the outcome of the invites and even more so with the price - but the assembly was so tedious. Stringing up the paper, gluing down six flags on each invite...ugh. I sat in bed for 2 days slowly putting these things together until Kimi came over to help me speed through it. Thanks again cousin!

Now that the venue has been booked and (some) invites are out, it's starting to hit me that this is really happening. I'm having a baby shower...and a baby lol. Next up, I have to start working on my center pieces and some time next month I'll have to find something to wear that doesn't make me look like a old pregnant woman...for some reason my cousin finds it hilarious when I say that, lol.

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