TWAS THE WEEKEND w/ Coldstone, Home Goods, A Birthday & Baby Shower Invites


1 & 2 // Over the weekend I had the most life changing ice cream experience of my life! The Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream with White Chocolate Chips from Coldstone Creamery should be illegal! It's the most delicious thing I've eaten in a long time! I'm not kidding when I say life changing. Heaven.
3 // Racked up at Home Goods over the weekend and am so happy with our room makeover. In addition to some new stuff, we've also rearranged furniture in order to accommodate Little Bear's crib and anything else he might need.
4 //  Week 22! Whoop Whoop!
5 // The most awesome Husband in the world celebrated his birthday over the weekend and of course I had to get the cake from Coldstone ( yea...I officially have an addiction ). We got the cookies & cream cake which was delish! Anyhoo, this guy is not really into celebrating his birthday...but after I annoyed him all day about at least getting a cake, he finally gave in. Last year I surprised him with birthday weekend a trip to Vegas...hopefully next year I can surprise him with something else and force him to celebrate his birthday like a normal person.
6 // After my Breaking Bad coma last week where I spent every moment watching all 46 episodes on Netflix, I finally started the invitations. I managed to word and print everything on Saturday night with the intention of finishing assembly yesterday. However, putting everything together was much more tedious than I thought, my back started to hurt and then my aunt called to tell us she was in the hospital so we had to rush over there. She's ok thank goodness but she really scared us. I'm a day behind schedule now so I'm off to get back to it.
How was your weekend?