My Perfect Nursery + 21 Week Bump Recap Video

I've found it! The perfect nursery that suits my aesthetic and the vision I had for my little one. While in the waiting room this morning, I was browsing the latest edition of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine when my mouth almost fell on the floor. The prices for these pieces are way out my budget, but I'll be keeping this photo for inspiration. Gray is actually my favorite color, so I was immediately pulled in. I won't be doing the traditional blue thing. Baby G won't be having his own nursery for a while but this will work perfectly for our current bedroom where he'll be staying. Our bedroom furniture is white, so I'll be able to incorporate this look and the colors very easily. I actually had a gray crib picked out for him, but now I'm kinda diggin' the wood...decisions, decisions...
On another note, here's my recap video for my 21st week of pregnancy. But before you watch, please know that I've appreciated all the emails, comments and facebook comments of concern regarding my hospital visit earlier this week. Thank you so much. Enjoy the video:

In this video I show you the baby shower venue, share the gift bags and rant about frustrations with doctors who don't listen.
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