spending Labor Day in the Labor & Delivery ward (...but don't panic)

the irony.
But not to worry, all is well and the bun is still in the oven. I'd been feeling a little discomfort that was similar to the pain I felt around this same time with Jolie. Not wanting to take any chances, I headed over to ER to get checked out and was then taken to "Labor & Delivery". I did have a small meltdown while I was registering because I had the same issues with Jolie right before she was born and this was how it all started. I saw the little baby bed and started crying, because the last time I'd seen one, the nurses were bringing my deceased daughter to me so that I could say good-bye. Luckily my husband was by my side to comfort me and kept assuring me that everything was ok, although I could tell he was putting on a brave face for me. After registration I got changed and was asked a bunch of questions. Despite Baby G moving away away from the monitor, we were able to get his heart beat. I was then hooked up to another monitor that was supposed check for contractions. Just like his sister, this little guy tried his hardest to kick the machine off my belly. The whole thing was a flashback from last summer. After a few tests and some time on the monitor, it was determined that I'm dehydrated and have yet another infection. (sigh). After some more time on the monitor to make sure I wasn't contracting, I was given antibiotics and Baby G's heart rate was checked one more time. Finally we were discharged after being given tons of instructions.
I've been instructed to take it even easier, if that's possible. Lay down, feet up, a gazillion gallons of water everyday, limit stairs, try to only get up for food and bathroom breaks. So here I am in bed continuing my "Breaking Bad" Netflix marathon that I started yesterday and continued through my duration in the hospital (thank goodness for iPhone's). I live on the 3rd floor of a building with no elevator, so someone is helping me with the few things I have to leave the house for. And of course, the Husband has stocked my bedside and fridge with plenty of water so that I can stay hydrated. Kim threatened to keep calling me to make sure I'm drinking water, my best friend who is in nursing school is giving me lots of tips...basically every one is staying on my back to make sure that I get better. I love my support system...although they're a little extra sometimes, lol.
In the end, I'm glad that I've found a hospital that it ranked very high in obgyn and maternity services and has a level 2 & 3 NICU (just in case). Unlike where I received my treatments for Jolie, they always seem to find what ever problem I'm complaining about and are able to quickly give me treatment. Clearly I'm no doctor, but I feel as though what happened yesterday contributed to why I went into labor so early with Jolie. Had they found the issue when I initially went in, maybe she would still be here. I still struggle with anger towards that hospital staff as I felt like they never listened to be and ultimately failed me. However, it was still a learning experience and now I know what to look out for. Such is life.
but i'm good.
...and God is good.
Take Care,
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