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I got two major things accomplished over the weekend - booked the venue for my shower & completed my registries.
The location I chose for the shower was actually one of the two spaces I was stuck between for my wedding. Because the number of guests won't be near as many as I had for my wedding, it's a more affordable option this time around. However, it's definitely more expensive than having it at my moms house, lol. I know for sure that someone is going to think I went a little overboard - but after all I've been through and how much I prayed for this baby, I'm going to celebrate the exact way that I want. Besides, having the venue take care of many of the details takes a load off my shoulders as my energy tends to fluctuate throughout the day and I don't have tons of help.
I didn't find a menu that worked well with my theme, so the chef created a custom menu for myself and my guests that I'm absolutely in love with. I plan to create my invitations this week and once those are mailed out, I'll begin to work on my decor. One of my BFF's has volunteered to host to the shower and moderate all games, while Cousin Kimi is in charge of music. With the venue taking care of the bigger details, I'm not stressed about the event at this point...but I'm dreading the RSVP's (the worst part of planning any pay-per-plate event). 
Another big thing we crossed off the list this weekend was creating the registries. We decided on both Babies'R'Us and Target. I was initially excited about it, because there's nothing like going into a store and scanning stuff, but it definitely wasn't as fun as when we did our wedding registry.
Babies'R'Us Baby Registry Experience //
- First things got off to a bad start because as soon as I started filling out the paper work, I got hungry. I can't function when I'm hungry - I couldn't even remember our address. The guy helping us has clearly become accustomed to crazy women, as he suggested I get something to eat and come back - he was super nice. He did his best not to make me feel like the nutcase that I become when I need food
- During my wedding registry, we had a consultant who walked with us during the entire experience with us. He explained everything, answered all our questions and knew everything about every product. This wasn't the case at Babies'R'Us as that wasn't available to us. For someone doing this the first time, it's an EXTREMELY overwhelming process, and it would have been nice to have someone helping you sort through the different brands and explaining the products. However, sales associates were available if we had any questions.
- Uuuummmm did you know that wheelchairs are available for pregnant people at Babies'R'Us???? I didn't. I was offered one while I registered but the husband refused to push me around it, lol. Refused! I wish I did take it though, my feet and my back were killing me by the time I was done - I'm definitely getting it in next time I go there.
- Overall it was ok...but Lord, they really have everything you need...but they should have a consultant
Target ((ahem)) "Tarjhay" Baby Registry Experience // 
- Dear Target,
I don't want to sit at a computer and enter my information into the registry myself...I'd like someone to do it for me.
Hormonal Pregnant Lady

- Target came in handy for products that we wanted, but found to be over priced at Babies'R'Us

- Perhaps it was the specific Target I visited, but the baby selection was extremely limited. It looks as though I'll have to complete it online. I'm not a very savvy online shopper - I need to touch, feel and inspect the I was a little disappointed about that part. I know that Target is not a specialty store for babies, but I was under the impression that they'd have more to choose from.

 . . . 
So there you have it! This shower is actually underway. To be honest, I was
 initially nervous about even having a shower, but I'm glad I'm pushing through my fear. I'm so excited!
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