Meet Me Halfway!

I'm officially at the half way mark today! 20 weeks! 5 months!
Here I am in my normal everyday glory...
A bun + a tank top with no pants on...lucky for you kids, I had a bra on when I snapped this photo
I'm very excited about this milestone but I'm not out of the woods as yet
I was at the end of my 5th months when I delivered Jolie...
I still have anxiety about passing that point
...and going further than that
Baby Boys movements aren't consistent yet, so I freak myself out sometimes
"Why isn't he moving"
...then he'll randomly start kicking the crap out of me...this kid is strong for his size
I think I'm just going to end up buying one of the those fetal doppler things
I barely slept last night, it was my hardest night
I couldn't get comfortable
My Snoogle that had been helping me out lately offered no comfort last night
...I'm starting to feel really pregnant now
In any case, I'm so excited about my milestone and am praying for another 20 weeks
...and am so excited about the hubby taking the day off to spend some time with me tomorrow