"Many Thanks" : The 19th Week Update

Solange Knowles + her son Jules in her Brooklyn home {via Elle Magazine}
I have to start off this post by saying a big thank you to all you have left comments, tweeted me, emailed me and sent facebook messages with well wishes. We're so excited about the little guy who will be arriving in January. We've had chosen a name for him prior to him even being conceived, and I've been calling the baby by the name before the doctor confirmed that it was a boy...as my Pastor had given me a heads up :)
Everything is going well with the pregnancy thus far - nothing out of the ordinary. Baby is moving around in there, especially when I play loud music in the car. I think that's the most amazing thing ever.
I'll be taking my third 17-P injection tomorrow morning...ugh! That needle is not a game and the oily substance that is the actual medication burns a little. Once a week I have to head over to my obgyn to get this injection in my bottom...only 16 more to go, lol. One of the positives however, is that I get to meet other expectant moms on a weekly basis in the waiting room and have lots of baby talk. Being stuck at home by myself on a typical day, I'm extremely excited when I get to meet new people. It also looks as though I'll be doing a sonogram once a month for the rest of the pregnancy to monitor the size of my cervix and check for any other abnormalities.
On a lighter note, I'm in the beginning stages of planning the baby shower - I already have a theme picked out. There is only one venue that I have my heart set on, but if it doesn't work out there, I'll just have it at my moms house. Initially, I was going to host the event at the same venue where my husband and I got married, but the slots that they had available clashed with a few time restrictions that I have due to family work schedules and out of towners. I've already purchased the invitations and will share the details of the shower as they unfold.
Thank you again for your support and as usual, I have to let you know that I appreciate you!
- Jin
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