Oh Boy! It's Gender Reveal Time!

"There's another baby coming soon...a boy." my Pastor phopesized to me in January while I was on a trip to Florida visiting my mom. 
At the time I was severely depressed, still heavily mourning the passing of my daughter. I was so distraught and traumatized from the event, that I wasn't thinking about trying for another baby for at least a year or two. Suddenly he was telling me this, I wasn't ready for it. I returned to New York a few days later where I spent an unhealthy amount of time in bed, crying for most of the day - in seclusion. Randomly a few weeks later my husband said we should leave New York. I'd been hinting at it for a while, but to actually get him on board and hear him say it, made me a little nervous. We'd have to start over, again.
Not even two weeks later after the initial serious discussion, we found ourselves in Florida [feb 2012]. Once I got here, I found myself relaxing a little more. Just the change in environment alone lifted my spirits, and the fact that I began to go to church heavily. I'd known my moms Pastor for a little while from attending church with her a few times. When she told him that Jolie died, he started telling her about a little boy. He and I would talk on the phone while I was in New York - he'd encourage me and pray for me. Finally when I saw him, he kept telling me about the boy also...but I was still stuck on Jolie. He worked heavily on me to get me out of the dark place I was in, and I started making real progress. Therapy didn't help me in the way that he and my growing Faith did. I've always been spiritual but I began to rely on God more and strengthen my relationship even more after loosing my daughter.
I learned that there was a Baptism scheduled for the weekend of my 25th birthday (April)- I decided that there would be no better birthday present to myself than getting Saved. My mother and I decided to do it on the same day, it was very special [you can watch the video of my Baptism here].
"You're ready for your babies now." my Pastor said to me as we were leaving the beach.
The intensity that he had in his eyes when he looked at me almost brought me to tears. God was going to give me another chance, much earlier than I'd plan for myself. So much more at ease, and with fear no longer hovering over me, I told myself husband that day that we should try again.
...the following month (May), I found out I was a month pregnant. Just like that! I was home by myself when I took the test - I didn't even know what to do with myself. "PREGNANT" wasn't enough of a confirmation for me, I had to take the second one in the pack, it said the same thing. No way! I ran out my house and drove to Publix to buy another pack of a different brand, it also confirmed the pregnancy. After a few attempts of reaching my husband I started to calm down. I realized I couldn't tell him this at work. When he called back to check on me I made up a random excuse. I put the positive tests in a a jewelry box and told my husband that I had a gift for him waiting on the bed once he got home. It was an emotional moment when he opened the box to find the tests. We cried together.
...fast forward to the 14th week of pregnancy where I get to see a much better picture of the baby. My little sister and I keep talking about it being a boy. The ultrasound tech says it looks as though we may be right.  I didn't want to get my hopes up because it was so early. However, at my 18 week sonogram last week, I got confirmation that 2.0 is indeed a boy! And here he is:
2.0 at 18 weeks & 5 days
To be honest, my eyes were watering during the entire sonogram which was followed by a full blown meltdown in the car as I talked to my older sister on the phone. Never did I imagine this time last year, that I'd be so Blessed a year later. I was very overwhelmed with emotion. God is so amazing!
My family is so excited about meeting this little guy! Not to mention, my husband and I keep getting into full blown debates about who the baby looks like based on the sonogram photo, lol. Yes of course we can't really tell right now, but I know for sure that he's going to look like his mommy :)
Yesterday at church, I showed my Pastor the sonogram photo and told him it was boy, just like he said. He broke out into the funniest dance ever, I was cracking up.
...so after my long story (sorry), the gist is that 2.0 is a boy! 65% of you lovelies guessed correctly!

Was your gender prediction correct?
- Jin 
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