"Being Mom Is Enough" - Oprah

My bank account may not have the amount of O's that I desire...I may not have the career that I'm longing for as yet...but dammit, life is good. Of course, it is important to set goals and have aspirations - but it's even more important to focus on and be thankful for where you are now, otherwise you can't receive more. Don't get me wrong, there are moments of weakness when I compare myself to my friends and their important jobs and big salaries, as I tread the water trying to stay afloat. I have moments when I think about where I could be now if I'd done certain things differently. But the fact of the matter is, I am where I'm supposed to be at this very moment.I'm lucky enough to have a family that allows me to only have to worry about one thing right now - getting this baby here! Between a list of restrictions from the doctor and the extra ones given to me by my husband and mom, I can't do much...and they've convinced me that there's no reason to feel bad about that.Today I couldn't help but to cry happy tears throughout my ultrasound and then have a true meltdown once I got back to my car. I am so Blessed. This time last year, there was no way that I could imagine my current situation. Leaving New York behind and a new baby? I couldn't have guessed. Everything I was praying for has happened...except the career...but clearly it's not meant to happen as yet. I'm learning to accept that part, though it's frustrating...and no I'm not giving up.

For now I will continue to thank God for what I do have - support, love, the guardian angel that I gave birth to and another bundle of joy in my womb. What ever I don't have, I will continue to pray for and understand that it will not come into my life unless it's meant for me.

For now I will embrace becoming a mother and accept that it is enough. The job doesn't come with a big office, a enviable salary or a 401k, but it is a privilege.

- Jin

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