The Latest on Baby #2

Necklace: Forever 21 // Crossbody: Nine West // Lace Dress: Forever 21 // Leopard Loafers: Yoki

I hope you all have been having a great weekend! Mine consisted of the usual - church, sleep, spending sometime with the husband and eating out.

I realized that I shared the pregnancy news with you all and then kinda left you hanging. That certainly wasn't intentional. Now that my energy is coming back and the constant nausea seems to be giving me a break - I hope to update the blog regularly again:
  • I'm currently in my 13th week...which some people say is the beginning of trimester number two, while some say it's the last week of trimester one. According to my calculations (does that make me sound smart), the 13th is the first week of the second trimester if you deliver at 40 weeks...if you deliver at 42 weeks, then the second trimester would be the 14th week. I hoping for week 40!
  • I'm due mid January 2013
  • I'm really enjoying Italian food. I don't have any specific cravings, but if I have a choice of what to eat, it's something Italian - lots of carbs and lots of cheese
  • I don't have as much round ligament pain as last time
  • I'm showing a lot earlier than last time...but they say that's normal with your second...and I'm bigger than I was at this point in the last pregnancy
  • I choke on my prenatals every single time without fail
  • I have no desire to comb my hair anymore (hence the wig in the above photo)
  • I have no short term memory and it takes me forever to understand things - pregnancy brain is real out here! People think it's funny but I'm really confused all the time ;/ Example: One time I was playing on my phone and then put down my go looking all over the house for my phone. I couldn't figure out where it was. And everyone sat there and watched me in silence so they could laugh at me...the struggle!
  • ...and sadly, I can't stand the smell of nail polish or remover...isn't that tragic?
Also, thank you to everyone that reached out to me regarding Jolie's 1st birthday. That morning started off painful...but after a while I began to calm down and thank God for the time that I did have with her. As usual, I'd like to thank you all for all the love and support you've shown me. It's much appreciated.
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