sunday afternoon date.

3 things I love: being with my husband...eating...and dining outdoors!
Over the weekend the Husband took me out for a Sunday afternoon date on Las Olas Blvd in downtown Fort Lauderdale (one of my favorite places to hang out). I really enjoy outdoor dining, especially when being able to watch multi-million boats go by on the water. Between the Filet Mignon, french fries, mac & cheese, my virgin strawberry daiquiri's and picking from the Husbands plate - I was in Heaven! What cleanse? The weather was perfect, although we did have a few random gusts of wind...but I wasn't wearing my wig so it was totally fine! During dinner, I also made friends with the cutest baby ever that was sitting with her parents at a table next to ours. The cutest little thing ever...which of course only added to my baby fever. After I stuffed my face and my new friend left, Hubby took me to get ice cream (red velvet ice-cream...mmmmm) before I wobbled back to the car.
I have to say, I am really enjoying living South Florida. I don't miss New York the way I thought I would - just my family and friends of course. I'm really looking forward to purchasing a home here in the next year or two (God-willing) and really plant some roots here.