Family Planning & On Going Private

I recently had a pregnancy scare. Like I mentioned, I wanted to give myself some time before I tried for baby #2 - so you could only imagine the emotions when I kept seeing this on my phone...
Isn't it awesome you can have apps now that keep track of all sorts of things for you, including your T.O.M, when your fertile and ovulating, lol?
As the days continued to add up to almost two weeks of being late, I told my husband that it was possible there may be another bun in the oven. After all, the last time I was late, I was...well.. pregnant. I didn't allow myself to get excited or nervous, and actually felt relief when my t.o.m did decide to show up.
Even though I don't want to be pregnant right this second, it doesn't mean that I don't want to have another baby in the next year or so. However, knowing what I now know, I'd like to plan a lot better and prepare myself both mentally and physically.
Because my first pregnancy ended in preterm labor, I've already been told that I'd automatically be considered high risk the next time. Between more doctor visits, the high possibility of bed rest, paranoia and grieving - it's going to be a lot for me.
I started researching doctors, and have found a nearby hospital that specializes in high risk pregnancies and has a Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I hope to work with them prior to conceiving in order to take all the necessary steps to ensure a full term pregnancy this time. More than likely I'll have to do some blood work, a few tests and shed some lbs before trying again.
No matter how many times I have to get stuck by a needle, go through uncomfortable tests or find the will power to start working out again - I just have to do what I have to do.
Cheers to family planning!

 . . .

On Going Private: For the past few weeks I've been trying to move my blog to no avail. My posts are transferring but are not showing up on the actual blog. I can't figure out what the problem is, the only thing I can think of is that fact that these posts are on it's own url as opposed to a blogspot. Whatever it is, it's not working - so I'm taking it as a sign to leave my blog the way it is.

I sometimes get a little embarrassed about being so open with my emotions and sometimes feel that I share too much. However, after a surprising amount of emails to request access to the private blog and the reasons you shared about why you wanted to continue to read - I realized there is no reason for me to be ashamed. I came to find that my openness is what you seem to enjoy the most about LL&L. For whatever reason it is that you keep reading, I'd like to say "thank you" and I welcome you to be apart of my journey.

"It seems to me that being authentic is being brave enough or just candid enough to be honest about what you are experiencing or who you are, whether it is popular are not. A person gives a gift to other people when they say, 'This is what happened to me or this is how I truly feel, no matter what the popular belief is about what I should feel.' Whenever you are honest, you are speaking for a thousand silent people who don't have the voice to say what they really feel or are really experiencing. So, if you ever talk about [the thing you went through], you will touch a million hearts. Because you are speaking for more than just yourself. You are never alone in what you are feeling." - A Cup Of Jo's post on "authenticity"