It's A Party!!!

via my damn blog
Well folks, it's about to be that time of year again. My birthday is exactly a month from today!!! On April 4, I'm turning the big 25 ! Any other Aries in the house? I'm totally going through a quarter crisis and have had a few meltdowns, but that's completely ok. It's fine! The most important thing right now is to figure out what in Gods name I'm going to be doing to celebrate this milestone. Here are the ideas being tossed around:
  • Fly to New York and stick to the original plan I had before I moved, which would have been fabulous dinner one night and party the second night (like we do for all our birthdays)
  • The girls might fly down here, we'd stay in a hotel (most likely on South Beach) - dinner one night and party the following night as we would in New York
  • Stay here in SoFlo and celebrate with my family since it's going to be Easter weekend and we'll more than likely be having a party for that anyway. I've been perusing the Internet for themes, color inspiration and DIY ideas (I think this would be the most fun...something tells me this is going to it)
What ever happens, I just want to be surrounded by family and friends while celebrating another year of life that God has blessed with, though I imagined it much differently. Whatever cards life has dealt, I'm still grateful for the people in my life, the lessons I've learned, and the lessons I'm continuing to learn each day. I'm blessed.