The Weekend

OPI: Grape Wall of China...I forgot the name of the glitter but I know its by Orly
stocked up on fruits so we can start juicing
hubby laughing at highly inappropriate jokes
cousin kim on her way to a shing-dig
going to church
Lil Sis' dessert...Mmmmm
My first weekend back in South Florida was quite full. We've yet to unpack or get a moment to organize ourselves. Still living out our suitcases. Cousin Kim and I went to get manicures and regulated on a lady that was being rude to a manicurist...we're the mean police! The hubby and I also went on a double date to Five Guys and to see Safe House with another crazy cousin of mine and her husband. Yesterday was church - I was so excited. I love my church! When my pastor saw the hubby and I, he gave us big hugs and said he was so happy that his "daughter and son" were back. He's been very encouraging during our grieving, making sure to keep in touch by phone while we in New York. We then had Sunday dinner at my Aunt Marcy's. Anytime my mom and my aunts get together, it's a mess and yesterday was no exception. I laughed so hard that I ended up spitting up my juice at the dinner table. That was the second time I did that this weekend, I also had an episode at Five Guys. I've been laughing non-stop since I got here. If the past couple days are any indication of what's to come now that I'm back, I know things are going to be just fine.
How was your weekend?