Extreme Prematurity.

earlier this week I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
not a severe case...
...but things start to make sense nowtoday i finally went to figure out where jolie's birth certificate was

been meaning to do it, just couldn't

i got it

also was able to get her death certificate

the clerk kept mispronouncing her name as "jolly"

i was sent a letter months ago that the cause of her death was

determined, but i couldn't remember who wrote me the letter

the clerk was able to get it for me

cause of death: extreme prematurity at 23-24 weeks gestation

no infection?

nothing genetic?

so it is my fault

i broke down in the office and cried all the way to the car

husband says i did nothing wrong...that i did everything right

he says i was a great mom to her...that i'm still a great mom

...he says this was God's plan