Things That Happened + Things I Realized

This Happened
I bought a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake
I Realized This
I didn't need that cupcake. I wasn't even hungry.
I was being greedy. To top it off, I didn't even like the cupcake. Serves me right.
It also made me realize that I need to start working out again.
Please pray for me, as I'm ordering P90X this week. I refuse to look like this on my 25th birthday!
. . .
This Happened
My period decided to show up again, although I've been trying to get knocked up
I Realized This
Uuuummmm...I should not be trying to have another baby right now.
What was I thinking?
I'd always been very vocal about the fact that I didn't want to bring a child into this world until I
had a career, stacked my bank account to a comfortable number, traveled some more, owned my
own home, and some other stuff - none of which I have accomplished as why was I trying to
get pregnant? To fill the void of loosing Jolie? When God surprised me with her, I was very happy yet very
worried about what type of life I would be able to provide for her. There are a lot of things that are
up in the air right now, and adding a child would only further complicate things.
I will enter motherhood again when the time is right...that time is not right now.
For Christ sake, I'm only 24 years old - there's no rush.
After all, although my daughter is no longer here in a physical
sense, she's still my child...and I am still her mother
. . .
This Happened
Unexpectedly, Jolie's insurance card was in the mail when I got home Saturday night
I Realized This
I'm lucky to personally know one of my Guardian Angels
Take Care,