Bill, "The Bill Collector"

originally written December 29, 2011
Today I got a phone call from a man claiming that he was attempting to collect a debt in reference to the birth of my daughter.
Please note that I get these calls every couple of weeks despite the fact that I’ve provided my insurance information over and over – each and every time time they call. I wasn’t in the mood for it today, especially because he was so aggressive.
I tell him I’ve already provided the necessary information and to contact my insurance provider. He asks me if my daughter is on the policy. I tell him she’s no longer alive and I’ve already given them the info. He says with no emotion that he’s sorry for my lost. He continues to speak but my dad starts asking me who that is and why they’re asking about the baby.
As I shared earlier, my dad is very protective of us and does his best to fix everything before we even have a chance to ask.
At this time, I’m fighting back the tears telling my dad who this is and why they’re calling, while the man is saying something to me about me having a conversation with someone else while he’s calling. I hate him.
The next thing I know my dad takes the phone out my hand and starts talking to the man. He explained that I’ve given the same info countless times and that I’m not in a position to talk right now. Dad disappears into a room so I can only imagine what he’s saying to this bill collector. Don’t mess with Papa Bear. The only thing I heard prior to him shutting the door is that the baby passed away.
I felt like someone knocked the wind out of me. I couldn’t even get off the couch. That man was sucking all the energy out of me and we weren’t even in the same room. Dad came back to comfort me and was clearly angry with how quarrelsome this man was despite the fact that he told him over and over to call back at another time.
When my husband made it home he and my dad snuck away for a private talk. When Hubby returned he called the guy and got just as aggressive with him as he had been with me. At the end everything was resolved and they’ve been instructed to contact him, not me. He told me he’s taking care of everything and not to worry about it. Superman comes to the rescue again. I love this guy.
I found out the guys name is Bill. A guy named Bill who is a Bill Collector. How appropriate?