When My Fro Is Fed Up

This was a long time coming.
I haven't been detangling the way I'm supposed to and I paid for it.
After wearing my hair in a bun for the past two weeks to ignore the issues, I finally faced Eartha (that's what my cousin named my fro) head on earlier this week. Parts of my hair felt like it was locking up on me, so I figured I had the following options:
1. Dread up
2. Shave my head and start all over
3. Sit for hours to slowly and gently untangle my hair and promise myself not to let this happen again
I chose option 3...and man did it take aaaalllll dddaayyy. Talk about lesson learned. It took me about an hour or two to detangle - then I parted it in 4 and washed and conditioned in section by section - followed by a little more detangling - then I sealed with vatika oil and twisted everything up. Lord have mercy. Sadly, I lost a lot of hair in the process, but I haven't seen any hair in my comb since.
I'm thinking of having my aunt blow dry it for me when I go back down to Florida again give me a trim so I can start fresh for The New Year. Hopefully I can stick to my hair resolutions so I don't find myself in this position again.